• British Parliament rejects Brexit deal

British Parliament rejects Brexit deal

16 January 2019

You may have read it in the press: the Brexit deal, which PM Theresa May has elaborated together with the other EU Member States, has been rejected by the British Parliament. It is currently not clear what will happen next. There are different possible scenario’s, going from a new referendum on leaving the European Union, to a hard Brexit.

The Belgian government is currently working on an emergency law to prepare for a hard Brexit. The law identifies key measures that are necessary to safeguard the continuity of the air and train traffic, the harbours, but also to guarantee food safety as well as the regulations with respect to the access to the UK territory and personal rights of Belgians in the UK. Companies in Belgium indeed risk being subjected to customs duties, inspections and other trade barriers. Private individuals may no longer be able to rely on the European freedom of movement of persons and workers, which may have an impact on their right of residence, employment and pension in the UK.

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