• New sector agreement in joint committee 200

New sector agreement in joint committee 200

25 November 2021

The sectoral negotiations on the wage standard were successfully concluded and on
18 November the social partners concluded a new sectoral agreement applicable to companies and employees of JC 200.

Below we inform you about the most important points from this sector agreement, which will require action soon.


Granting of the corona premium


The sector agreement provides for the compulsory granting of a corona premium (in the form of consumption vouchers) for companies that meet the following 2 conditions:

  • Have made a profit (= operating profit EBIT corresponding to code 9901 in the annual accounts) in calendar year 2019 AND 2020.
  • Revenue (code 70) increased by at least 5% in calendar year 2020 compared to calendar year 2019. If revenue is not available, look at gross margin (code 9900).

This corona premium must be granted no later than 31 December 2021.



The amount of the corona premium to be granted depends on the increase in revenue:

  • Has the revenue (code 70) increased by at least 5%? Then the basic amount of the corona premium is EUR 125.
  • Has the revenue increased by at least 10%? Then the basic amount of the corona premium is EUR 250.

You can also grant the employees a higher corona premium, with a maximum of EUR 500. In that case, however, you must conclude an individual agreement with each employee regarding the granting of the additional corona premium.


(Para)fiscal treatment

If all legal conditions for the granting of the corona premium are met, then this corona premium is not considered as salary.

The corona premium will not be subject to the ordinary social security contributions. However, the employer will have to pay a special contribution of 16.5% on the amount of the corona premium.

For tax purposes, the corona premium is exempt from income tax. The amount of the corona premium and the special contribution also constitute deductible professional expenses for the employer.


Form and order

The corona premium will be awarded in the form of a consumption voucher.



Verify whether there is a positive company profit in calendar years 2019 and 2020 and if so, whether there is an increase in revenue of at least 5%.


Salary increase


All wages in JC 200 must be increased by 0.4% as of 1/12/2021. If you have provided an equivalent benefit, this salary increase will not apply.

Please note that this salary increase is not the same as the indexation of wages. The indexation of wages in JC 200 will take place in January 2022.



Check before 1/12/2021 whether you want to provide an equivalent benefit or allow the wage increase to take place.



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