• Vaccination leave for employees for vaccination during working hours

Vaccination leave for employees for vaccination during working hours

Lore Vanhaute, Manager |

12 April 2021

In order to have the entire population vaccinated against the coronavirus as quickly and widely as possible, since 9 April 2021 employees have had the right to 'short leave', also known as ‘vaccination leave’. This right gives employees the opportunity to be vaccinated during working hours. As a result, the employee retains his/her salary in case of absence from work. The right to short leave is valid until the end of the year, but if circumstances require, it can be extended to a maximum of 30 June 2022.

The employee keeps his wages

Vaccination leave is assimilated to short leave, which means that the employee keeps his/her salary in case of absence.


During the time required for vaccination

During the time required for the vaccination, the employee is entitled to short leave. This includes both the time during which the employee is present at the vaccination centre and the time needed to travel to and from the location of the vaccination centre.

The employee has this right to small leave for the various vaccinations that take place during working hours. However, he does not have this right if the employee becomes ill as a result of the vaccination. In this situation, the normal rules on absences due to illness apply.

The vaccination leave is also not applicable when the employee is vaccinated during his holiday, catch-up rest or outside working hours.


Obligations for the employee

The employee who wishes to exercise his right to short leave must inform the employer as soon as possible in advance, as soon as he knows the time or time slot of the vaccination.

Moreover, the employee may only use the vaccination leave for the purpose for which it is allowed, namely to be vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus. If the employee abuses this, the employer can deny him his salary for the hours he was unjustifiably absent.

When the employer finally asks for proof of the employee's absence, the employee has to present it. He can use the document from his appointment at the vaccination centre.



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