• Call-off stock

Call-off stock

25 May 2022

As part of the so-called 'quick fixes', a simplification measure was introduced within the EU for stock on call between taxpayers from Belgium and another EU Member State or vice versa.

At the time of transport to the other EU Member State, there is no transfer of ownership yet, but the supplier already knows the identity of the customer to whom the goods will be delivered at a later stage and after arrival in the EU Member State of destination.  This measure allows to avoid VAT registration in the EU Member State where the stock on call is located.

In Circular no. 2022/C/49, the Belgian VAT authorities accepted the guidelines of the 118th VAT Committee, which relate to the following:

  • Return of goods under the on-demand scheme to the EU Member State from where they were initially dispatched: under the on-demand scheme, there may not yet be a transfer of ownership of the goods at the time they arrive at the consignee and they must be returned within 12 months if no delivery takes place. The time of return is determined by the time the goods enter the territory of the EU Member State from which they were initially dispatched or transported. However, it is accepted that the time of return may also be the time when the goods actually arrive at the consignor's warehouse in the EU Member State from which they were originally transported. This has practical consequences for the completion of part 2 of the intracommunity recapulative statement when the goods were originally transported from Belgium, as well as for the consignee register. The change will take effect from 01.07.2022.
  • Application of the FIFO method to calculate the 12-month period for non-bulk goods on condition that the goods are identical: this position may be applied retroactively.


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