• Labour deal in a nutshell

Labour deal in a nutshell

16 February 2022

The federal government reached a labour deal on 14 February 2022. The deal consists of several measures that should help our country reach an 80 per cent employment rate by 2030. The measures are mainly aimed at more flexibility and broadly include:

  • More freedom for the employee by allowing a working week of 4 (longer) days and a changing working regime from week to week
  • A right to deconnection
  • A right to training for all workers
  • Flexibility to change jobs during the notice period
  • Better protection for workers in the platform economy by laying down criteria that suggest (or do not) an employee status and compulsory industrial accident insurance
  • Pilot projects to deploy employees more flexibly in function of e-commerce and a simpler procedure to install evening work.

We will accurately follow up on the concrete implementation and elaboration of all these measures.