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Soon I will be turning 58, but my children, who have opted for different study and career paths, are not willing to take over my company. Who are potential buyers/partners? What is my enterprise worth? What is the tax impact? What are the consequences on my assets? I’m having difficulty answering these questions and would like to be assisted on these topics!

My SME has grown significantly over the last couple of years and so has my need for working capital. Financially, I am in a tight spot. Over the last three years, my staff has doubled yet I am still in charge of the majority of the decisions. I want to protect my health and well-being as well as my work-life balance. I know that I probably won’t be able to do it on my own, so I would like to be assisted by experts who can support me and my growing business.

I have always tried to carefully stand out by taking up complementary activities besides those of my own family enterprise. I have been able to identify three active enterprises on a promising market in France and taking over one of those would be ideal to accelerate the growth of my business whilst at the same time acquiring their know-how. It would also give me the opportunity to execute my company’s activities in a whole new geographical market. But is that rational thinking? Is the synergy real? How do I initiate and evaluate that? Doing so would most certainly take a big bite out of my financial budget and important investments. It’s clear that I need to be advised by experts on these types of projects.

BDO has a history of supporting Belgian family companies and SME’s. We can help you identify  challenges and support you throughout every step in the development. Whether this concerns drafting a family charter as part of a corporate transaction to the next generation, a takeover, financial or tax optimisation projects or improving the quality of your services by implementing a new technology, at BDO, experts of your sector will stand by you and offer you the support needed in your situation.

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