• Innovation

    “What is sensible innovation when everything around us is evolving at lightning speed?”

The modern economy is unbalancing the old and placing the theme of innovation ever higher on the agenda of companies large and small. This is not surprising if you consider that an innovation process is accompanied by the necessary changes and investments.

The question that keeps every business leader awake today, perhaps you too, is: ‘How do I make a sensible choice from the many possibilities, each with its own benefits and risks? And how do I balance this choice against the expectations over time?’ And by “sensible”, we also mean that it is not always easy to assess which innovations can be applied and are manageable for your company or organisation.

Discover innovation opportunities

How do you view the opportunities of the new trends – in other words, how do you choose from the many opportunities, when and how quickly? How do you discover opportunities for innovation that you did not even know existed? But that do fit with your (maybe new) activities and are within your reach. Not a simple exercise without the support of experienced experts.

Of course, we do not have a monopoly on the truth. But we do know the sector and have the experience and skills to help develop or strengthen your innovation mindset and skills. And to seize the momentum when it is there. And, in partnership with the innovation campus of Living Tomorrow, together with the ecosystem of the participants, we make possible innovations tangible and comprehensible. Thanks to co-creation, we ultimately hone your innovative power.

Assure your future

Fortunately, more and more companies are realising that they are best off adapting their traditional linear innovation strategy (research > development > engineering > roll-out/manufacturing) via an open, networked and multidisciplinary approach. However, just as many companies remain innovation-blind. Often unconsciously. They suffer from the so-called “not invented here” syndrome and find it more difficult to absorb pioneering ideas or knowledge from the outside world. However, your ability to absorb external knowledge determines your innovation success.

Stimulating that open mind and exploring new horizons are exactly what our experts are achieving. We help you to look beyond the known boundaries, to discover opportunities for innovation in unknown territory, to assess correctly their added value for your company and all its stakeholders, etc. In short, we inspire and help anchor innovative thinking in an operationally and financially feasible model. Sustainable and ESG compliant too.

Knowledge and solutions

We know from experience with innovation projects for our customers that such a project aimed at tackling a sub-problem often leads to the insight that there is more benefit to be had in other areas. It is important to be alert and agile in steering the initiatives towards those activities that have more potential.

That is easier said than done. There is no “one size fits all” miracle solution. But there is tailor-made inspiration. By bringing together experienced specialists. That is precisely our strength. Professional and pragmatic. Personal, engaged and achievable. And - importantly ! - taking into account the innovative capacity and the strengths (and weaknesses) of your company or organisation.

As a multidisciplinary innovation team, we continually consult with colleagues specialised in various sectors and specific fields, such as finance, taxation, labour law, technology, cybersecurity.