• Innovationlab @Living Tomorrow

    What will my business look like in 10 years? What should we be doing to stay relevant?

Innovationlab at Living Tomorrow

What will my business look like in a decade or so? Better, how do I hope others will view my organisation in 2030? Better yet, what changes must my company have undergone by then to remain relevant? Should I just carry on as I am doing currently or must I do more to prepare for the future? While the answers are not always readily apparent, during this two-day innovation workshop, experts from BDO Innovation Lab and Tomorrowlab will provide strategic support and practical (and practicable) tools.

Together with you and your management team, we will explore answers to questions such as

  • Do I need to adjust my business model to preserve our market position compared to competitors and maintain profitability?
  • Will our products and markets remain attractive in the longer term?
  • What are the effects of digitisation on my business and sector? Is disruption currently imminent and unavoidable?
  • How can technologies add value and what are my competitors doing?
  • How can we get more out of our data? Is data a part of our business model?
  • Will the market’s transition from “Product” to “As-a-Service” affect our business too?

Innovation workshop tailored to your needs

Experts from BDO Innovation Lab and Tomorrowlab will spend two workshop days offering guidance to you and your management team. If this is not convenient, we can also condense the formula or programme down to one day, for example. Let us know what works for you and your team.

In unmodified form, the innovation workshop consists of two parts.

  • The “Strategy” component takes a look at your business’s strategic vision. It focuses on those developments and changes that are likely (or potentially likely) to affect the sectors and markets in which you operate in the future and on your (possibly future) customers’ needs. During this strategic exercise, we will apply the business model canvas to your company.
  • In the “Technology” component, we delve deeper into the effects of new technologies on your organisation. What are the latest or emerging trends in your sector? You competitors are already embracing these solutions.


From analysis and insights to a strategic plan

After the two-day workshop, you will know what challenges your business is facing. What’s next, though? During our follow-up, we will subject your strategic plan, new insights and ideas to a thorough reality check.

To put it differently, we explore the extent to which these are attainable. Financially and from a technological standpoint, but also in terms of human resources and existing knowledge, skills and experience.

Then we sit down together to convert all our findings into an (achievable) strategic plan and roadmap for the future.

Rest assured, this is not about theory for its own sake. No, it is a hands-on, step-by-step approach you can put into practice the very next day. The proof of the pudding is in the eating!

Would you like to discuss the possibilities regarding an innovation workshop for your organisation with no obligation? If so, please contact Koen Claessens