• New Technologies

    Doing more with data, smarter software and artificial intelligence

New Technologies

New technologies are rapidly making their way into our society. Both in the private sphere and in business and economic reality. Today, and certainly tomorrow, even more effective data management and processing with embedded algorithms and artificial intelligence will increasingly support people and businesses and make them more efficient. Thanks to quantum computers, affordable and increasingly powerful computer systems can do even more. Smarter software makes tasks less monotonous or burdensome. Self-steering vehicles, sailing or flying drones are making their appearance.

Not only in the real world, but also in virtual reality, we are on the verge of major breakthroughs. Thanks to applications in virtual reality (VR), including “digital twin” models and metaverse (the virtual universe) applications for training, entertainment, etc., people are going to experience life, living and work differently.

To use an all-encompassing cliché: technology, when deployable and feasible, is tireless, accurate, reliable, fast, loyal to your company and can be pleasant, redeeming, inviting, healing and liberating for the individual. And that is good news!                                      

Beyond your own horizons

Anyone who, as an entrepreneur, does not make optimum use of the technological possibilities, let alone have an eye for future developments, can be sure that the pipeline of their customers, suppliers and perhaps also (future) employees will dry up.

How do you best cash in on technological progress and technical new possibilities in your business model? Lesson one: undertake some self-reflection and question your business strategy and the operational roll-out. Lesson two: test the potential end goals against the effort and resources that will be needed to realise them. And... know where obstacles and hindrances can arise. Lesson three: do this together with fellow business leaders, peers from the sector, expert consultants, etc. In other words, look beyond your own horizons. Let yourself be inspired and, if desired, assisted.

Creative, safe and realistic

Where do you start? Let us find out together. Starting with your current situation, your plans and your specific sector. At the same time, let us draw inspiration from best practices in other sectors. No technology for the sake of technology. But creative, safe and with both feet on the ground. We start from the business strategy and realise a workable model that we then help to roll out.

Along the way, our experts - in numerous fields which are constantly cross-pollinating - remove as many of the worries as possible. For example, by automating processes or data integration. Or by providing specific knowledge and know-how as long as you find that necessary or useful.