• Value Creation

    Leave those mediaeval KPIs behind

Value Creation

It sounds harsh, but companies that cling to the excuse that they are too small or too big to do business differently - read: innovatively and sustainably - will sooner or later be out of business. The studies leave us in no doubt.

Hierarchical management, organisational pyramids, blind decisions, financial KPIs, narrow and arbitrary strategies and rigid business models are all handicaps for today’s world of doing business. Leave behind those mediaeval KPIs that are cast in stone and enter the era of continuous value creation. Today, winners already prove that management by value surpasses financial value creation.

In simpler terms: the value of your company lies not only in profit figures, real estate or the customer portfolio. It is much more complex than simply adding up cash flows or multiplying an EBITDA, but is driven by all the links and dimensions of your company or organisation: operational efficiency, sustainability, capacity for innovation, decision-making processes, partnerships or even cultures. Are you ready? Are you willing to dare to change?

Constructive eye-opener

You want to see it to believe it? Our mission is to pierce rigid - often subconscious - thoughts or beliefs. And to map out the real value drivers within your company. To achieve this, we act as a potential investor. Someone who speaks out plainly. Even if it hurts. Call it a constructive eye-opener.

Moreover, thanks to our contribution as an independent party, the diagnosis is more objective. An expert from outside the company culture can more easily uncover hidden parameters, agendas or levers. Moreover, just like you, our value enhancement consultants are entrepreneurs at heart. And they can call on extensive multidisciplinary expertise from colleagues (worldwide) to examine your business links and dimensions with the right experience.

Financial valuation is just the tip of the iceberg. What lives and moves under the surface is at least as important for management by value, but less tangible for the manager-shareholder.

Value-driven management

We cast all the findings and results of the critical diagnosis into a model, including the less tangible or difficult to quantify parameters (such as employee motivation, work culture, team dynamics, etc.). And with this knowledge we get down to work together. Just as in a recording studio, we use the model as a mixing console. If we open one button, we immediately see the effect on the entire composition. By setting all parameters optimally, we tune the existing demo into a hit. This is the power of value by management.

We like to repeat this; innovative value creation is not only visible at the moment when you want to sell your company or are looking for financing. It is a sustained process, a mindset towards continuous improvement.