• Sustainability Transition

Sustainability Transition

Whether your company is activating or boosting the journey towards sustainable business management, BDO can support using a shoulder to shoulder approach. This journey consists of three phases in which the sustainability vision, maturity & risks and the program are build up/ reviewed. As a sustainability transition is a continuous journey, and not a ‘one off project’ it will require constant measurement of impacts, assessment and optimization, supported by change management.



Phase 1: Defining the Sustainable Vision

The starting point consists of defining the sustainability vision of the company. The materiality analysis identifies the material sustainability topics for the success of the company and to the key stakeholders. Clarifying the sustainability vision will require multiple workshop, were the awareness and knowledge of the participants regarding sustainability/ESG will be boosted to ensure an optimal decision making process.

Phase 2: Measuring and analysing Maturity & Risks

The main trends and challenges for the company are identified based on industry research and the legislative train schedule, resulting in first insights towards current and future risks and opportunities.

To measure the current performance of the company, interviews with different roles and levels in the organization, site visits and an internal audit of the policies, protocols and certifications are organized and reviewed.

To define the maturity of the company, a peer benchmark is performed to get insight in the position versus your closest competitors or other stakeholders. The gap analysis will result in a maturity and risk assessment.

Phase 3: Building up and deploying the Sustainability Program

The sustainability program of the company is co-created by setting up an action plan containing improvements, based on best practises. The governance is set up, supported by a balanced scorecard defining the main KPI’s related to the sustainability vision. Awareness regarding this sustainability transition is created by trainings and communication, preventing any perceptions/claims of greenwashing.

Depending on the sustainability actions, the possibilities towards funding and financial optimizations are investigated, by analysing the impact of Green mobility and Project structuring. Furthermore, financial advisory and modelling can help integrate the sustainability indicators.

During deploying of the sustainability strategy, BDO also supports by offering expertise in different fields such as lean, software implementations, cybersecurity, and implementing new technologies and applications.