• Accounting & Reporting

You rely on specific advice and guidance in every phase of your company’s life cycle. A start-up requires different expertise from an entrepreneur wishing to hand down or sell his or her company. Moreover, as an entrepreneur you want to be certain that your figures are accurate and up-to-date. After all, you rely on them to define your strategy. And you need to be able to change tack quickly.

At the same time, you want someone who can transpose your figures into new insights and opportunities for your company. Someone who knows your ambitions and company inside-out and who looks ahead with you. A sounding board, a coach, a critical sparring partner, who advises you, whether you asked for it or not. So you can always make the right decision, in all transparency. Whether you are considering business growth, succession, HR advice, tax reorganisation, estate planning or continuous process improvement.

Your “personal adviser” is not left to his or her own devices either. He or she - and you - is surrounded by a team of financial analysts, accountants, auditors, tax specialists and legal consultants. And he or she makes sure that the right specialists are on the job for you. At both the national and international level. Because our Belgian team works with a network of local BDO experts in over 150 countries around the world. In other words, BDO will give you a single point of contact for the coordination and management of all your financial obligations and targets in Belgium as well as abroad.