• Finance & Accounting Outsourcing Solutions

Finance Accounting Outsourcing Solutions

Are you urgently looking for a Finance & Accounting expert (F&A)? To meet the sudden need for expertise and know-how? To stand in for a key figure on a temporary basis? To manage a specific project or crisis? … But how can you be sure to land a valuable candidate? The shortages in the labour market do not make the search any easier. There is not much time either, the business has to move on.

Searching for a candidate yourself is intensive and above all time-consuming. Thanks to our internal, extensive pool of employees, we will quickly be able to find an experienced man or woman. Someone who understands your needs and who is fast at cruising speed. In other words, someone who can be operationally deployed immediately.

We will also tackle your request in the same thorough manner. Together we will analyse what knowledge, experience and type of personality you are really looking for. But also any aversions. For example, how likely is the external man or woman to be considered a threat? Is the social climate a pitfall? You must ‘click’ both personally and professionally! Because the better the match, the more employable the expert, and the more autonomously and efficiently he or she can get started.

What are you looking for?

Are you wondering whether an external expert can get a sufficient feel for your business in such a limited lead time? That’s just an advantage. Thanks to his or her extensive experience and external view of your organisation, he or she can make more objective decisions and detect opportunities for improvement that insiders may ignore. Moreover, he/she will use the best practices that he/she has already successfully applied in other companies or sectors.

Besides, just because we must act quickly, doesn’t mean that we will introduce just any F&A expert to you. Without exaggeration, we know the qualities and personality of each individual expert. Because we screen and monitor them constantly and because we ourselves have many years of experience in the field. It is essential that every expert from our pool is followed up ‘on the job’ by an ITAA-certified senior consultant.

Finally, you should also be aware that an outsourcing assignment can take many forms: full-time, part-time or varying in intensity and duration. We switch according to your specific needs. Tailor-made. No overkill, but cost effective.

Support and coaching

By the way, even when the expert is working, we continue to monitor and coach him/her closely. No one is too old or experienced to learn, right? This allows us to continually refine the assignment, adjust it or finetune the objectives during the process. He or she is never alone. We continue to be his/her sounding board, his/her professional buddy who supports, guides, coaches and monitors the quality of the results. In short, we ensure that he/she meets the agreed or varying expectations.