• Financial Cockpit

Financial Cockpit

Our highly digitised society means we have access to much more information. What’s more, this data stream is changing at an ever greater pace. It is a huge challenge for entrepreneurs to keep abreast of these developments and always make the right decisions. As a business consultant, BDO is committed to gathering and analysing the right financial information for you. To provide entrepreneurs with an even better service, BDO has decided to have a significant proportion of the communication regarding financial results handled by a specially-developed application: Financial Cockpit.

Which analyses (18) are already provided in Financial Cockpit?

In addition to detailed analyses of assets, liabilities and profit-and-loss accounts, Financial Cockpit provides a clear insight into how your company was financed, the way the target performance was achieved and the extent to which your company will be able to meet its obligations in the short term. To ensure that the most important financial KPIs can be consulted immediately, a “flash report” has been provided. The “flash report” shows all your company’s key (financial) figures at a glance. Consulting these key figures must allow the user to react in a quick and well-informed manner to what is happening in the business.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

BDO has for some time been endeavouring to make the processing of your data more efficient. Scanning with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and the processing of CODA files (a banking standard that unequivocally identifies transactions) mean accounting data will be available faster for analyses.