• Performance Monitor

Performance Monitor

More than ever, today’s business owners are confronted with particularly big challenges. Pursuing growth and securing once position on the market merits continuous attention. Moreover maintaining a healthy profit margin, improving business processes and ensuring the financial health of the company are also extremely important. BDO has therefore developed a tool that assesses the 9 most important areas within your company and indicates the potential for improvement within each of these performance areas. 


After completing the perfomance monitor, an estimation is made of the financial (improvement) effect. This result is expressed by means of a score. In the example we see that the brown area shows the level of ambition and the blue area the average score of the company in the different areas. The difference between these two areas describes the potential for improvement.

What can BDO mean for you?

Using the analysis, BDO determines the effects in the short, medium and long term, allowing an improvement plan to be worked out in consultation with the management. One or more BDO specialists will coach your team in the relevant policy area for the practical implementation of the plan. Here, providing advice consists not only of theoretical development, but also of the actual implementation of models, templates and reports.


Actual situations in which the analysis of the performance monitor can be of use include:

  • companies experiencing strong growth;
  • companies where new strategic choices (e.g. internationalisation) have recently been made;
  • companies whose returns for shareholders are too low or whose investment value needs to increase, e.g. with a view to attracting venture capital;
  • companies in crisis or just past a crisis, but whose return must be perpetuated.

Potential for improvement

Thanks to our integrated approach, which focuses not only on data but also on behaviour, we are convinced that an improvement in performance can be achieved for your entire organisation.

For Whom?

  • Medium-sized companies with at least 20 employees;
  • Companies whose financial or operational processes are no longer tailored to the size and/or nature of the activities;
  • Companies whose return has declined or stagnated in recent years

Positive Result