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  • Outsourcing

    ‘My accounting or finance team can’t always keep up,
    no matter how well they perform.
    But I don’t want to have to recruit new personnel.’


The strategy of every business or organisation - including yours - hinges on figures and results. In other words, without reliable input and output from your financial and accounting departments it’s basically impossible to make decisions, respond to changes and manage your company in a targeted manner. If you aim to move full steam ahead, your finance team will need to be able to keep up at least as effectively. Now, that’s logic you simply can’t argue with.

You might, in your current situation, be satisfied with the reliability and accuracy of the analyses and figures provided. Want to bet that these reports and figures could be submitted a little faster? Speed is, of course, not unimportant if you need to change gears quickly or anticipate key evolutions on the market. Can your team temporarily or permanently use a little more manpower or specialised advice to guarantee or even improve the continuity of your operations? Or would a little more flexibility also help?

Tailored to your needs

Imagine how you could acquire the knowledge you need without having to recruit new staff - so in other words without having to invest in competence management. This would in turn allow your own people to concentrate on the core tasks of your business. The specialists at BDO can temporarily or structurally jump in to help, based on your needs, while you are able to transform fixed costs into variable ones.

The knowledge we offer is also international and our team in Belgium is backed by BDO’s network of local accountants and tax experts in 140 countries across the planet. In other words, BDO will give you a single point of contact for the coordination and management of all your financial obligations in Belgium as well as abroad, using the same methods across the line. It couldn’t be clearer or more transparent.

One permanent, central point of contact

We support this optimum flexibility and continuity in your accounting and financial administration by offering multi-territorial services through our BDO Client Portal, an online platform through which we gather all the necessary data, keep careful track of all tasks and statutory deadlines, archive documents, etc. And we can do this not just for one company, but for an entire group. In brief, apart from a single and permanent point of contact you also get a central management platform. Among other things this means no more searching for documents or worrying about deadlines.

What are you looking for?

  • Expansion of your accountancy department (focus on your core tasks)
  • Improved service provision
  • Extra knowledge and expertise without having to recruit new staff
  • Better deployment of your own staff
  • Support at times when your financial department is understaffed (temporarily or otherwise)
  • etc.