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BDO Academy helps your organisation grow

In our everchanging world, staying up-to-date has become a necessity for organisations. Consequently, employees constantly need to develop or sharpen their skills and competencies to co-evolve. Live-long learning has thus become self-evident. BDO Academy helps organisations facilitating these learning journeys by creating tailor-made training programmes for their employees.

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Tailor-made programme to fit your organisational goals

BDO Academy does not offer trainings ‘off the shelf’. We rather craft a tailor-made programme that depends on the specific learning goals of your organisation, taking into account the current knowledge and experience of your employees. In doing so, we can offer a blended learning proposition that may contain elements from all kinds of training forms, such as in-class and online sessions, self-study, games, exercises, cases, workshops, testimonials, etc. Trainings can be organised in-house, in an open formula or even in collaboration with organisations offering open trainings (such as NCOI Learning).


Each training session is defined in a top-down way, based on the strategic vision of your organisation. This way, employees can specifically develop the skills or competencies they need to carry out the (company) goals on a higher level.

We start by asking high-level questions, such as:

  • What does the organisation aim to achieve or change?
  • What behaviour is preferred to recognize on the job to reach those goals?
  • Which knowledge, skills, attitude, confidence do participants need to acquire?
  • What will be trained and how will it be done?

Once the answers to these questions are clear, the learning journey can be determined. Through four phases, employees gain the necessary knowledge, step-by-step, with the end-goal of performing the necessary actions autonomously.   

  1. Awareness

Employees need to be aware that change is needed and that they have to develop certain competencies to deal with this. A business game is the ideal way to gain insight in the challenges the organisation faces. By simulating their work environment and assigning each employee a fictional role, they need to discuss how they will overcome specific issues that are linked to the themes of the trainings sessions (e.g. Process Management, Project Management, Change Management).

2. Understanding

Thoroughly understanding a concept, method or technique before engaging in particular initiatives is of utmost importance for everyone to be on the same page when it’s time to take action. BDO Academy takes the time to explain with introductory trainings and workshops.

3. Implementation

Employees further explore the methods and techniques through advanced trainings and exercises relating to their own projects or via general cases. These trainings are followed by a certification exam to test whether the necessary knowledge and practice can be applied independently. Internal managers may also participate in the assessment of the employees.

4. Integration

Even when the training sessions have come to end, employees can continue to count on our assistance through coaching, comeback days or peer-to-peer workshops to consolidate the change.

BDO Academy critically evaluates the quality of a training afterward by assessing whether what was learned is actually applied to practice, whether changes have been made, and whether these results have contributed to achieving the company objectives. Only when the answers to these questions are positive, a training session can be deemed successful.


Personalised learning environment with a Learning Management System

Through a Learning Management System (LMS), BDO Academy can create a personalised and branded learning environment or develop a specific programme based on your existing system. A LMS makes trainings as efficient and pleasant as possible with the many options it offers such as the integration of videos, testimonials, cases, voice-over presentations, quizzes, etc.

This is how BDO Academy can assist you

Besides developing and facilitating tailor-made training programmes, you can also count on BDO Academy for the following services:

  • Hosting an online branded learning platform to give your employees access to all relevant training programmes and thus, life-long learning initiatives.
  • Supporting Instructional Design by collaborating with internal Learning & Development specialists to convert internal needs into concrete learning plans.
  • Audit and enrichment of existing training strategies, learning environments and journeys.

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