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Whether you come into contact with a customer every day or rather help him indirectly from a distance, everyone’s position in your organisation is equally important to guarantee the customer of an optimal experience. Take a look at a restaurant, for example: from the waiter to the kitchen assistant, everyone is just as crucial to make sure the customers enjoy a tasty culinary experience.
If you invest in a customer-oriented culture, it is important that all employees breathe this culture, both in their mindset and in their behaviour. In other words, a customer-oriented culture is deeply rooted in a company's DNA.  
This may sound like a bit of a feat, but with our Customer Excellence Business Game you are taking the first step in the right direction. In this business game, employees (at all levels and from all departments) get to collaborate in an interactive way. The game is fully attuned to the journey of your customers and allows teams to empathise with how the customer feels and behaves during these phases. In this way we create a customer-focused mindset among employees, keeping in mind the customer expectations. In addition, with the help of our experts/facilitators, we search for solutions that can be implemented immediately in your organisation as your employees come up with concrete solutions for current and future challenges during this interactive experience. 
Besides the Business Game, you can also count on our experts for:

  • CX maturity scan
  • Customer-focused behaviour and communication