• Research and measurement

Research and measurement

There are many ways to find out how the customer feels, behaves and what he/she expects from your service. On the one hand, you can actively question and measure their opinions yourself. Think of the smileys in the supermarket to find out how the customer experienced his buying experience, or periodic in-depth interviews with your most important customers, giving you a wealth of information. In addition to actively gathering customer feedback, it is equally important to structurally capture and analyse data you receive on a daily basis via various channels (e.g. social media).  
Keep track of these insights and data in a clear dashboard. This enables you to track customer feedback and data over time, so you can predict changing customer expectations. After all, customer insights are extremely important when drawing up targeted KPIs in order to continue to optimise your business. 
Our CX experts will be happy to assist you in:

  • Qualitative and quantitative customer research
  • Measuring and analysing customer behaviour (NPS, CSAT,...)
  • Customer-oriented KPIs and dashboards