• Cyber security

Cyber security

Organisations being highly connected and cyberattacks becoming more common as well as increasingly sophisticated and complex, the consequences for an organisation may be significant, ranging from reputational, operational and financial damages. It is therefore important to remain vigilant and resilient.

Cyber security is a complex subject in which many factors and measures come into play. That’s why it is important to apply a risk-based approach, focusing on the highest priorities and risk components first.

How can BDO help you?

  • Finger on the pulse – As independent experts, we evaluate your existing IT environment taking the specific context of your organisation into account.
  • Strengths and weaknesses – We analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your IT environment using a non-technical language to make you aware of the existing and/or potential risks.
  • First things first –We adopt a gradual approach We begin by tackling the biggest weaknesses and risks, and only define additional controls after having created a strong basis.
  • Sounding board – It is not easy for non-technical people to gain insight into the cyber risks they are facing. As independent experts, we act as a sounding board for the management of your company and make sure you can see the forest for the trees.
  • Tailored to your needs – We offer an approach that suits your organisation, making your main cyber security risks and concerns digestible for the management. But most of all, we offer a solution to effectively tackle those risks and concerns.
  • Cyber Darwinism – While evolutions were formerly slow, the world is nowadays changing at a rapid pace. However, the principle is still the same: only those who are able to adapt will survive. We can help you make the right choices for your cyber evolution.

Nick Huysmans explains the importance of cyber security and how BDO can help your organisation: