• Cyber Academy

Cyber Academy

Our Cyber Academy offers a variety of courses to take care of your cybertraining needs:

Security Awareness Training for all employees

People often form the weakest link in your defence: employees may make mistakes that can put your company’s data and systems at risk. It’s not because of malicious intent, or even because of carelessness – employees often just don't have the necessary knowledge to identify the many ways attackers can target your organisation. Our training focusses on a behind-the-scenes view of what cybercriminals are currently doing to lure you or your employees into their trap: social engineering, social media, password management, free Wi-Fi and more. Our training courses are given at a very comprehensible level using specific real-life cases (videos, photos and live demos).

Privacy Awareness Training for all employees

Privacy regulations like GDPR give citizens more control over how their personal data is processed. These regulations also impose a variety of new obligations on your business, your procedures, your systems and your employees.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Training for management

Businesses of all sizes create and manage large volumes of data. Most of this data is vital to the survival and continued operation of the business. The impact of data loss or corruption, from either physical disasters (such as fire, flood or a pandemic) or man-made disasters (such as system failures, human errors or hacking), could be significant.

Ethical Hacking Training for end-users and IT resources

Cyberattacks are now emerging as the ‘new normal’, becoming more frequent and technologically sophisticated. Attackers target organisations of all sizes in a variety of industries. Every organisation has valuable information which attracts the interest of malicious parties. In most cases, organisations do not even realise they have been hacked until their data becomes publicly available or is found as an item up for sale in a dark-web market!

Our Ethical Hacking Training is a practical and technical in-house session at your office to introduce your employees to the world of ethical hacking. Throughout the training, employees learn hands-on techniques of ethical hacking and how to set up the right technical network concepts to keep out hackers. This training is mainly aimed at IT profiles within your organisation. 

Blockchain Fundamentals Training for management

Although blockchain gained its fame through the birth of crypto-currencies, the technology can be used to store data of just about any type. Transparency, security, permanence and auditability are just some of the unique characteristics that make blockchain the most reliable way to do so. Blockchain has the potential to impact virtually every area of business, by removing intermediaries out of existing processes and reducing operating costs by significantly decreasing the administrative effort of record keeping and transaction reconciliation. As blockchain applications evolve, you should expect significant disruption to the existing business model.