• Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Digitalisation is everywhere, undoubtedly also impacting your organisation and way of working. To stay relevant and ahead of your competitors, a digital strategy is a crucial element to navigate through this increasingly technological era and build a resilient and futureproof business. Digitalisation changes your business, which is why  a digital strategy goes beyond tackling technological aspects: it forces you to rethink your business model, as well as your IT infrastructure and your entire ecosystem.

Whether you are just starting out with digitalisation or wish to revise your strategy to further strengthen your position as a digital leader, our BDO Digital experts are ready to assist you in your digital transformation journey. BDO Digital combines both sector specific and digital expertise to help you gain the necessary insights to kickstart the digitalisation journey for your business. We help you build a digital strategy in four steps:

1. Understanding your business

Before defining a strategy, it’s of utmost importance to thoroughly understand your business, your mission, and your long term goals. Why does your business exist? What added value do you want to create? What’s your vision?

We also take a look at your current business processes and optimisation opportunities. We believe in simplification before digitalisation, in exploring the possibilities for the digital transformation of your business. We help you re-engineer your business to make it future-proof.

2. Defining your ICT strategy

In a second phase, we assess your current IT infrastructure to define what is needed if you want to achieve your business’ ambition. We build your digital strategy, aligning your business strategy with your IT requirements and your stakeholder’s needs.

3. Creating your digital roadmap

Your digital strategy is translated into a digital roadmap that assists you in reaching your goals: step by step, project by project, through a ‘first things first’ approach, taking into account whatever needs to be done to make your transformation successful (such as availability of resources, stakeholder priorities, business constraints, organisational change, etc).

4. Building your ecosystem

Digital transformation often changes the relationships between businesses. We evolve from a more traditional relationship between suppliers, vendors, clients, employees,… to a co-creative ecosystem where multiple parties are working together on a solution. Changing your business’ digital strategy might impact the relationship with your stakeholders, but rest assured, BDO is by your side to help you through this process.