• Digital Vendor Selection

Digital Vendor Selection

Once your digital strategy is clear and your roadmap is defined, it’s time to find the right technical vendors. With a wide variety of technological solutions on the market, it is understandable to feel overwhelmed and lost as to what supplier to choose. Should you opt for a tailor-made solution or is an off-the-shelf software just as good? How do you ask the right questions? Will you get the right price? How can you  avoid a vendor lock-in? And how do you eventually decide?

We have the technical expertise to ask the right questions and help you to get the solution your business needs for the right price, with the right SLA and conditions, and in the right time.

Our Digital Vendor Selection process consists of four steps that we adjust to your needs and in close cooperation with your experts (both business and ICT):

1. Technical requirements

To make sure you get exactly what you need, we describe the technical requirements. This is an in-depth analysis that covers all aspects of the digital solution you are looking for (maintenance, support, service, change requests, SLA requirements, …). The technical requirements are a baseline to compare offers of different suppliers.

2. Market consultation

In order to have a complete overview of what exists on the market, we can organise a market consultation. Different solutions are investigated in order to determine what product fits your business needs and would be the best worth for your money This also helps us to filter out unnecessary or special functions and to shape your business requirements. During this phase, we are focused on critically reducing the number of options to find the best fit for your organisation.

3. Decision paper

When you know what you need and what is available on the market, you still need to take the actual decision in which way you want to go forward. A decision paper helps you to do this in a considered way by weighing the different options and giving insight in what would happen if you decide to implement the solution: it describes the impact in terms of costs, benefits, timing and approach.

4. Tendering

For our clients in the public sector, we can manage the entire tendering process: we analyse your needs, we write the (technical requirements for the) RFI/RFP documents, and we support you throughout the awarding process. If necessary, we can also write the final feedback reports.