• Project and Programme Management

Project and Programme Management

Having a digital strategy in place and choosing the right digital solution for your business is a great start. But then it gets real. Your digital transformation requires continuous efforts of different parties involved while maintaining customer and employee satisfaction. Moreover, you want projects to be done in time, within budget and according to the standards that have been set. This does not happen without good project and/or programme management.

You can count on our expertise and years of experience in business-IT alignment projects to manage every programme or project for your digital transformation. We have built our approach in line with internationally recognised Programme and Project Management standards. We set up project organisations, including project management offices, and provide structured reports about the project to the board.

A digital transformation brings forward change, but people don’t always automatically welcome that. However, with a well thought-out change management approach, change can be a chance to engage your employees. A positive approach in which people’s strengths are valued will not only help to implement change successfully but will also strengthen your businesses in the long term. Our structured methodology includes stakeholder analysis, impact analysis, change and success plans, and is based on the ADKAR model.

Communication is key to carry out a successful programme, project, change or digital transformation. We align our communication support to the size and complexity of the project or programme. Providing every stakeholder with the right information at the right time, managing expectations, using the right communication channels for the right group of people – it’s small things that can make a huge difference in the success-rate of your project.

The more parties are involved in projects or programmes that transform the essence of your business, the more you might need a third party to assure the quality of the services rendered. BDO Digital Experts have the necessary expertise and experience in digital transformation projects to support you with Quality Assurance. Before the project/programme starts, specific and measurable standards are agreed upon with the different suppliers. Throughout the programme those standards are systematically verified. We report on a regular basis on the results of our quality analysis and make suggestions for improvements whenever necessary.