• Best-shore/Off-shore Application Development Services

Best-shore/ Off-shore Application Development Services

In autumn 2018, BDO Digital and FPT Software Vietnam set up a partnership for application software development services, enabling BDO Digital to  offer its clients a best-shore/off-shore software development services.

FPT Software has more than 20 years of experience in offshore software development. They have well established software development processes, have business knowledge in many industries and are very well organized. We can guarantee you :

  • great scalability for different resource levels and skills,
  • the highest quality,  
  • the best performance,   
  • a timely delivery, 
  • and all this at a very competitive pricing.  

Thanks to this unique partnership, we are able to start up and expand your IT teams very quickly with the required technological know-how and experience, as well as with the specific required business knowledge.

Our off-shore development services are designed to fully facilitate our customers, regardless of the size of the projects or the length of the engagement, guaranteeing flexible future upscaling and knowledge retention.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to receive more in-depth information. We can easily set up a video conference call to exchange that information.