• Emerging technologies and Apps

Emerging technologies and Apps

With the increasing possibilities of technology come the growing expectations of customers to meet their needs faster, better and easier. This requires an efficient way of working: eliminating unnecessary manual work by choosing for robot automatisation, gaining better insight in your business in order to adjust processes and systems in a cost-efficient way, opting for software systems that automatically interact and exchange data, and facilitating self-servicing for an optimal customer experience to only name a few. If you don’t see the forest for the trees anymore, we don’t blame you. Fortunately, you can trust on the support of our BDO Digital experts to search this forest together. 

Custom-made Solutions

  • Built in cooperation with our offshore partner FPT
  • We design and build business portals & intranets (UX)
  • We create customer/supplier self-service experience (UX)

Software Integrations

  • We build tailor-made applications to seamlessly integrate new software in your existing systems
  • We simplify IT- architecture / landscape and manage the entire process
  • We free your people from repetitive tasks

Process Automation

  • We automate manual tasks through Robotic Process Automation
  • UiPath is a platform for detecting, automating and monitoring repetitive business processes, interacting with standard application screens

Data Analytics

  • We help you gain business insights based on your data through Process mining and Artificial Intelligence
  • We bring organisational data together within a standardised format
  • We integrate data from multiple disparate data sources

Maintenance & Support

  • We can provide 24/7 Maintenance and Support on all systems we have built for your business.

Application Development (Liferay partnership, FPT partnerhsip –
Best-shore/Off-shore Application Development Services)

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Autonomous drones in warehouses