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Clarity PPM

What is Clarity?

Clarity by Broadcom (formerly CA PPM) is a Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) tool that can meet all operational (work, people and money) and strategic requirements. With simply one supporting tool, you can cover multiple domains in your organisation:

-    Strategic management / Roadmaps / Hierarchies
-    Portfolio Management
-    Project Management
-    Resource Management
-    Financial Management
-    Timesheets

Clarity helps you organise investments the way your business operates. Strategy, planning, people and money are no longer treated as running one-off projects, but can be filtered and managed by product or service line. This helps you to keep a clear overview and speed up your digital transformation. 

Why is Clarity the right PPM tool for your company? 

Clarity has been available for over 20 years in the PPM tooling business, and has a proven track record. It has been recognised as a leader in the Gartner magic quadrant for multiple years. The tool is highly valued for its main strengths:

-    Exhaustive out-of-the-box availability of standard PPM functionalities, based on best-practices
-    Numerous configuration possibilities that allow tailoring of your PPM requirements in Clarity
-    Strong integration capabilities

Clarity’s functionalities assist you in 4 domains: 

1.    Organise 
Your product is unique, and so are your business processes. Clarity adapts to your individual requirements and lets you organise people, work, and money around investments thanks to its comprehensive configuration options. It gives you the freedom to call investments products, projects, platforms or anything you like!  

2.    Create a roadmap 
It’s vital to see how investments contribute to your overall business objectives. This is where Clarity really excels: Clarity lets you plan tasks with drag-and-drop speed, connecting your goals with your teams, tasks, and budgets. This way, you get a 360° view of all that’s at play. 

3.    Prioritise
Based on the roadmap, you can easily adapt business outcomes to client needs. Rely on real-time data, rather than your gut feeling to make smart decisions. 

4.    Empower 
Executives and team members share a common view of the work ahead to engage employees and to let collaboration and innovation thrive. This way, you can boost people utilisation, better align your business with your IT environment and offer greater product quality. 

Why choose BDO? 

BDO has the right experts with more than 10 years of Clarity implementation experience in various industries to help you get started and to support you throughout and after the implementation. More specifically, you can count on us for:

1.    Brand new Clarity implementation
2.    Activation and roll-out of additional functional domains
3.    Migration from Clarity On Premise to the cloud (Software-as-a-Service)
4.    Migration from Clarity Classic UI to Modern UI
5.    Interfaces between Clarity and your tooling landscape
6.    Creation of Jaspersoft reports

Thanks to our partnership with itdesign and Broadcom, you are ensured of: 

  • A scalable (SaaS) partner
  • A proven implementation methodology
  • Qualitative, flexible support
  • Professional training

Clarity can either be installed as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in collaboration with itdesign Gmbh or as an on-premise solution. In both scenarios, we can provide the necessary expertise for a successful Clarity implementation.

Moreover, BDO is part of the PPM Global Alliance (http://www.ppmglobalalliance.com) and has an international network of PPM experts that can support you with (Clarity) PPM challenges.

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Resource planning on investment level

Staffing on organisation level

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