• Globis ERP

Globis ERP

Globis is a modern, flexible Quote-to-Cash platform. It has the capability to calculate, plan, perform and invoice complex logistics offerings. Globis has been developed with a focus on delivering services to different industries:

  • Intermodal transport
  • Cross docking
  • Warehousing
  • Value added services
  • Breakbulk

Globis is offered as a modular Software as a Service (SaaS) product. Currently, the solution consists of different modules, including WMS, FMS and TMS functions that can be easily integrated or added on. Each module streamlines the processes involved thanks to a built-in workflow automation, giving you real-time insight.

Globis serves as a digital backbone by connecting, for example, existing scheduling algorithms and accounting systems, supporting the Procure-to-Pay process. It offers ‘best-in-class’ integration capabilities such as API’s and GlobFlow, a powerful integration solution that allows you to build tailored data flows between Globis and external platforms, such as Netsuite or NxtPort.

Why opt for Globis as a logistics company?

The logistics landscape is transforming itself from multiple single local operators to more complex end-to-end logistics service providers. These service providers offer door-to-door logistics solutions that empower the modal shift to include other freight transport modes, such as rail, water, air and non-motorised traditional road transport, next to traditional transport, positively impacting air pollution, road accidents and traffic jams.

Thanks to the Globis platform, you can connect and integrate these inter-modal transport, warehousing and forwarding activities.

  • The system is capable of supporting the interaction between them and subcontracting across multiple modalities by keeping track of the internal and external execution, even with value added services. This information exchange enables a uniform and multi-modal view on a customer order across the different Service Delivery Layers.
  • Through its Multi-Level Contract Management, the Sales Orders are automatically matched to the right conditions and decisions are made mostly automatically. This ‘zero-touch’ administration further decreases the pressure on your back-office.
  • The billing process is performed automatically and is based on formal contract conditions and detailed sales rate calculations, eventually leading to self-billing towards customers and sub-contractors.
  • Globis is highly scalable and configurable, ensuring a perfect match with the company’s core capabilities.

How can we help you?

The sales and implementation of Globis is done by value added resellers. BDO has the right experts to help you get started and to support throughout and even after the implementation.

The partnership between Globis and BDO ensures:

  • A scalable partner
  • A proven implementation methodology
  • Full service delivery
  • Complementary software offerings
  • Professional training and certification