• NetSuite Cloud ERP

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NetSuite Cloud ERP

NetSuite, the #1 Cloud ERP business software solution

NetSuite is a unified business management suite, encompassing ERP as well as finances, CRM, HRM and e-commerce to help your organisation grow into a strong and resilient enterprise or to maintain your position as an industry leader.

NetSuite differentiates itself from its competitors because of: 

  • Built-in flexibility for scalability and adaptability 
  • Native business intelligence for real-time analytics
  • Commerce-ready ERP for customer connection
  • Cloud Pioneer for access anytime and anywhere 
  • OneWorld for multi-country tax compliance 

BDO Belgium is an official Alliance Partner of NetSuite. With over 20 trained and certified consultants in the Benelux, your organisation, too, can count on our professional and on-demand NetSuite services. 

Why choose an ERP for your business

For most businesses, the question isn’t if you have an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in place, but whether if it’s compatible with the way you use information now and how you want to use it in the future. If approached in the right way, an ERP can be so much more than simply a software solution: it can be a catalyst for business innovation, connecting people, processes and technology. It helps your organisation focus on its strengths and allows you to swiftly react to new market opportunities. You not only gain clear visibility and control of your business, an ERP also creates added value for your business in several other aspects: 

  • Real-time visibility into business operations 
  • Greater productivity and collaboration 
  • Actionable insights, improved planning and faster reporting 
  • Streamlined processes and optimized system performances 
  • Reduced total cost of ownership for enterprise IT 

Why choose BDO? 

With decades of experience in complex implementations across a wide range of businesses, BDO understands the industry-specific nuances of your operations, processes and business needs, and takes care of the technical installation and configuration of your NetSuite platform. We’re proud to be partnering with NetSuite and support global NetSuite projects in the aspect of implementation, change management and training. More specifically, you can expect us to:  

  • Align the ERP strategy with overall business goals and control frameworks 
  • Rapidly roll out and onboard for immediate ROI 
  • Ensure rigor in design and testing from both a technical and business perspective
  • Ensure minimal disruption to the business
  • Realise a successful and qualitative implementation, timely and with your budget in mind 
  • A great collaboration based on a human connection

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