• Oracle Cloud EPM Planning

    Drive accurate and connected plans across your business and prepare for what's next

Oracle Cloud EPM Planning

Oracle, the #1 for Cloud Planning Solutions

Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Planning, also known as Oracle PBCS or Hyperion, is a cloud software to analyse, understand, and report on your business. It entails all processes that help you plan, budget, forecast, and report on your business performance as well as consolidate and finalise your financial results. EPM is therefore often used by CFOs and finance managers as well as by business analysts from different departments in the company (HR, Sales, Marketing, IT,…)

Oracle Cloud EPM drives accurate, connected plans across your business and prepares you for what's next. No more uncertainty, but a higher level of precision with scenario modeling, built-in best practices and predictive intelligence across finance, business lines, and operations. Oracle EPM is known for:

  • Reduced planning times
  • Improved forecast accuracy
  • Deeper performance insight
  • Automation of repetitive tasks

How can Oracle simplify your budgeting process?

In uncertain times like these, defining an annual budget is a rather complicated thing to do. After all, organisations must prepare for various what-if scenarios and consider the risks and opportunities in the business environment that these specific circumstances bring along. Oracle’s planning & budgeting solution can support, simplify and accelerate the (digital) budgeting process based on one or more variables, adjustable to more accurate forecasts for the next budget period. PBCS lets you:

  • Easily integrate the most recent financial data from your ERP
  • Establish a clear dashboard and reports for fast data reporting
  • Simulate and plan future positions
  • Generate accurate data and analyses for your company to take specific actions and respond quickly to changing market conditions.

Why choose Oracle EPM Planning for your business?

Oracle EPM Planning has a number of ways to support your organisation, the most important ones being a help during your planning, budgeting and forecasting process; Scenario Modelling; planning across financial statements and planning your capital asset expenses. Below, we have listed the most important advantages Oracle Cloud EPM offers your business:

 1. Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting

  • Creating goal-oriented plans: Get immediate insight into your financial performance with interactive dashboards and reports and leverage predictive planning to recommend the best path forward.
  • Free-from modelling of complex financial and operational assumptions at scale, validated by predictive planning features, reducing the risk in your decision-making.

2. Prepare for anything with Scenario Modeling

  • Align your business strategy with the operational plans to enhance value and optimise the results.
  • Optimise capital structure by modelling different funding options and understanding the impact of your strategies on your credit rating and capital structure.

3. Plan across all financial statements

  • Optimise your revenue plan by adding dimensions for specific drivers related to your business.
  • Plan for all expenses, including those from workforce and capital planning
  • Analyse the balance sheet: income statements and cash flow. Configure for industry-specific requirements.
  • Model your cash flow on short, medium and long-term, because cash is king!

4. Plan your capital asset expenses

  • Track the full lifecycle of capital investment by creating plans for new capital assets, taking advantage of out-of-the-box calculations for depreciation and amortisation.
  • Model asset-related expenses such as repairs and insurance. Automate processes such as retirements, transfers, and improvements.
  • Plan for intangible assets, including amortisation and cash flow planning and impairments.
  • Analyse your capital expenses, including asset summary reports and actual versus plan variances, and discover its impact on cash flow, balance sheet, and income statement by asset class and business unit.

Why choose BDO?

With decades of experience in complex implementations across a wide range of businesses, BDO understands the industry-specific nuances of your operations, processes and business needs, and takes care of the technical installation and configuration of your Oracle EPM Planning platform. More specifically, you can expect us to:  

  • Align your financial strategy with your Oracle EPM Planning implementation
  • Rapidly roll out and onboard for immediate ROI 
  • Realise a successful and qualitative implementation, timely and with your budget in mind 
  • A great collaboration based on a human connection

Oracle Netsuite Planning and Budgeting

Have you already implemented Netsuite Cloud ERP? You can easily and fully integrate your Netsuite Cloud ERP solution with Oracle Cloud EPM Planning. This integrated solution is also known as Oracle Netsuite Planning and Budgeting (NSPB). You will have access to the same functions of Oracle Cloud EPM Planning thanks to a default seamless integration, so you can work on your actual data!

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