• Financial Advisory

    ‘“Acquiring a company, merging with another company or selling my business:
    that’s not something I do just any day of the week!’

Financial Advisory

Common sense says: don’t pay too much, don’t ask too little. Do you know how much your company is worth, objectively speaking? Or how much it could increase in worth? And could you work it all out on paper too? Anyone who knows the true market value of a company will never be duped into an acquisition, sale or transfer. Either that, or they pursue a policy (value-based management) to create extra value for their business. A valuation like this is what our Corporate Finance Department experts are all about.

By the way, doesn’t your business instinct tell you that you should only enter into a ‘merger & acquisition’ under the best conditions and if you know what all the risks are? The problem is that this kind of complex and time-consuming transaction is not something you have to deal with on a daily basis. What you need is a flexible consultant with thorough knowledge and experience. Based on an extremely thorough audit (what is referred to as due diligence), our experts uncover every potential risk. They will help you, together with your management team, to mitigate the risks associated with transactions such as these. And to optimise the value of the deal - always in your interest, of course.

Your final goal is and remains to achieve your strategic and financial objectives. The question is: how do you convert your company’s financial strategy into a management tool that functions like a financial SatNav? We call this Business modelling. It records the financial viability of your pps or other project, the strategy behind it and the direction in which your company is moving. It is extremely handy to convince credit providers, external investors and subsidising authorities of your strength by using specific figures. At the same time, you keep both feet on the ground. This is the best guarantee for turning your wildest idea into a profitable business.

International Network

Around the world, our 2,000 corporate finance experts work together with businesses to maximise their value through advising on acquisitions, fund raisings, flotations and disposals. A typical BDO corporate finance client is either a business with cross-border capabilities or ambitions, or a private equity firm with their niche in the middle market. Partnering our clients for mutual success is what we do and during 2016 we completed 840 deals with a total value of USD 35.6 billion. We have national and international cross-service teams, providing clients with a one-stop resource for any accounting, taxation or strategic issues that may arise in the scope of a transaction.


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