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Interim Management

Choosing BDO Interim Management is a safe choice. You can count on an experienced team of senior consultants, each with their own experience at executive level. They personally commit to introducing you as quickly as possible to the best available candidates, who have the right specific knowledge and operational maturity and - at least equally important – whose personality also matches your corporate culture.

Selection of profiles that really make a difference

Our BDO consultants’ role starts with the intake interview with the key persons for the assignment and only ends when the interim manager has finished his assignment. We monitor both client and interim manager from A to Z to ensure quality. As a client, you can therefore count on BDO as a single point of contact and sounding board at every stage of the assignment. As an interim manager, you can rely on BDO as a knowledge centre to help you succeed in your assignment.

An increasing number of people is starting to work as freelancer, but not every freelancer is a suitable interim manager. At BDO, we apply high-quality standards. Since 2008, we have been continuously investing in the recruitment and screening of candidates. Hence, we have sufficient critical data in our portfolio at all times to provide our clients as much as possible with a candidate from our own database. 

"Proactivity is one of the key words at BDO IM. You know well before the end of your current assignment whether or not it will be extended. If this is not the case, BDO IM will actively look for a new project for you. In addition, they will regularly call you to ask how everything is going and whether they can do anything for you. BDO IM is a reliable and proactive partner with a strong personal approach". 

Dennis Van Cotthem, experienced finance interim manager

Perhaps you automatically link BDO to financial profiles. That is understandable: in all areas of financial management, we have a wide range of pre-selected candidates. But it doesn't stop there. Over the years, we have developed into a multi-specialist. BDO has a strong portfolio of profiles that focus on Change & Transition Management. Professionals who keep their head cool at all times, know what to do and when to intervene. You can count on us for: 

  • C-level positions in general management, finance, HR, operations, supply chain, procurement, ICT and sales & marketing
  • Expert positions in HR and finance
  • Project and Program Management
  • Change Management
  • Digitisation and business transformation
  • Efficiency projects (lean, six sigma, ...)
  • Restructuring, crisis and transition management 

Following a thorough analysis of the assignment’s scope, we introduce you to a maximum of 3 candidates who we think fit perfectly within the assignment and your corporate culture. Moreover, BDO is audited by the Federgon sector federation, achieving the highest scores year after year. You can trust us when we say: our method is certified.

"BDO IM regularly evaluates both the client as well as the candidates. Profiles offered to us by BDO were renewed more than once. BDO IM 'reads' and 'feels' the Telenet culture and knows how to match it perfectly with the relevant candidates".

Peter Vanden Eynden, Vice President Financial Controlling & Tax at Telenet

Count on our flexible, pragmatic and multidisciplinary approach 

We make sure that the interim manager can not only start very quickly, but also gets up ad running in no time. The duration and intensity of the assignment can easily be agreed upon. Full-time for six months: possible. Three days a week: possible. A maximum number of days spread over a number of months (depending on your budget): negotiable. Flexibility is key at BDO.

BDO is also active in more than 160 countries. Thanks to our worldwide network, your interim manager can therefore call upon additional legal, fiscal, financial and operational knowledge and experience at any time. In other words, your company can count on a multidisciplinary team, with an eye for your business, your strategy and your objectives. In addition, we also have a BDO Academy with a range of courses specifically adapted to interim managers.

"The cooperation with BDO runs perfectly. They  give me enough autonomy during the assignment and challenge my ideas. For example, BDO IM regularly invites me to participate to their tailor-made information sessions or seminars for interim managers. It's also comfortable to know that there is a large, solid consulting group with broad expertise behind you that you can rely on at any time."

Guy Van Der Celen, CEO ad interim of unitum Group

At BDO, we stand for a pragmatic approach: no-nonsense, well-founded, result-oriented and always in line with the governance rules. Financially transparent, legally sound and ethically correct. For example, we carry out more than half of our assignments at companies that have previously been clients of BDO Interim Management. Something we are quite proud of!

Sustainability is key 

We introduce you to an interim manager who, thanks to years of experience and without having to familiarise for weeks, gets to work, achieves results and has an immediate impact. We follow up with both client and interim manager. Where necessary, we make adjustments in order to realign the goals and the path towards them. Interim management is therefore not an empty box at BDO. On the contrary, we prefer to opt for sustainability and think along with you as a partner. 

"The BDO IM team has a solid seniority and maturity. The relationship management is very good, they communicate very transparently. Thanks to their open communication, both the client and BDO remain on the same wavelength throughout the assignment".

Frank Van De Putte, senior finance interim manager


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