• Value creation

Value creation

The modern CFO’s role no longer only focuses on measuring and knowing. On the contrary, a tailored cost control and efficient product pricing may lead to better profitability and cash flow. Why would a CFO, as a sparring partner of a production manager, not build a detailed cost manufacturing calculation model himself? In this model, he can build parameters and data enabling simulations of production process changes.

Value creation is the result of a driven cost/manufacturing controlling and commercial finance controlling. It is associated with an integrated management of the working capital needs, the investment analysis, and the control over the financial debts.  

Examples of value creation:

  • Modelling of cost price calculations keeping in mind consumption and waste per production phase
  • Dynamic overview of price and margin (volume/price effect) per distributer/client/region
  • Integrated and automated reporting of operational data with financial data based on Power Query/Power Pivot
  • Integrated and optimal inventory planning, from order to shipping based on predicted orders
  • Permanent monitoring of the payment behaviours of clients with identification of fastened payment options.

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