• Business Process Management & Re-engineering

Business Process Management & Re-engineering

Your customer satisfaction and loyalty are directly influenced by the quality of your business processes. Having them operating smoothly is often quite a challenge as mapping, standardising, improving and monitoring your processes require aa² lot of energy, focus and above all a structured approach.

It is also important that your employees master the process reflex or process thinking and know how to keep an eye on the quality of your processes once they’re up and running. Using a holistic approach, BDO can support you in improving these operations which ultimately leads to more quality, lower costs and higher customer satisfaction.

The BDO Business Process Improvement Map

  1. Vision: Analyse and define the root cause of the problems you are confronted with.
  2. Set-up: Build project team and draft project plan and develop a change and communication plan.
  3. Design: (In cocreation) map selected processes, evaluate and adapt to new way of working.
  4. Implement: Carry out and manage the different initiatives defined during the design phase.
  5. Monitor: Define KPI’s, follow up on the improvements and adjust the implemented solutions when necessary.
  6. Embed: In this last phase, we ensure that the implemented changes are sustainable and continued when the project ends.

Change: No progress without change. As of step 1, we pay extensive attention to stakeholder management, involvement and communication in order to create a support base for the various changes that the project entails.

Want to discover what Business Process Improvement can offer your organisation? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Grégory de Streel, Serge Blumenfrucht or David Van Gils.