• Lean Management

Lean Management

Belgian companies are confronted with external factors that have a strong impact on their sales figures and growth. Since the onset of the crisis, we have noticed that business leaders are focusing more on productivity and efficiency to not only safeguard their operating results, but to structurally strengthen their company’s resilience as well.

By paying attention to a culture of self-reliance and entrepreneurship, you can motivate all layers of your organisation to continuously improve productivity. With our ‘vertical lean’ approach, we apply ‘Lean’ principles to a team or a specific business unit. This approach guarantees strong productivity improvements, both in the short and long term.

3 'lean' efficiency levers 

There are three possible sources of loss of efficiency and quality. Locating the biggest source helps to identify where solutions will have the most impact.

  • Waste: Eliminate activities that don’t add value to your customers
  • Variability: Measure team performance and reduce variability through effective performance management and best practice sharing
  • Rigidity: Obtain a better match between customer demand and available resources by optimising capacity planning and employee versatility





Build a 'lean team' organisation

A lean organisation has 4 dimensions. Starting from these, we apply efficiency levers to build your ‘lean team’.

  • Product: Listen to the customer and make sure to focus on those services that add value to the customer.
  • Process: Obtain the Lean concept of flow by eliminating or reducing non value adding activities and other waste from your processes.
  • Operations Management: Improve workload balancing and increase individual and team performance. Working smarter reduces variability and rigidity.
  • People & Organisation: Make sure your organisation and your people support the continuous improvement of productivity within all of the ‘lean team’ dimensions.

Follow our 4-step approach

Want to discover what Lean Management can offer your organisation? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Grégory de Streel or Serge Blumenfrucht.