• Project &
    Portfolio Management (PPM)

    “PPM helps me make investment decisions (CapEx) and align operational
    expenditures (OpEx) with our business strategy”

PPM & Agile Management

The business world is evolving rapidly, with employees on different teams working on parallel projects.

Faster innovation is increasingly important, but that innovation needs to be in line with available budgets and your organisational capacity. PPM can enable your organisation to switch to new products and launch services more rapidly.

Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) helps you manage new and ongoing projects to maximise their contributions to the strategic objective whilst taking the available capacity and financial resources into account.

We account for three types of involved parties:

  • Decision-makers: the people making strategic investment decisions
  • Project and Portfolio managers: the people managing projects and portfolios
  • Business Teams: the people working on projects


















What are you looking for?

Experienced PPM specialists can help you with:

  • financial transparency for your complete projects and portfolios
  • project execution with increased control and predictability
  • maximising the ‘return’ for your people
  • innovation project management
  • streamlining your IT application portfolio
  • internal, business & customer project management