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How to make your business transformation successful

There are many challenges that business leaders have to face today: the energy crisis, the aftermath of the corona pandemic, an accelerated digital transformation, the war for talent... Responding to these complex challenges requires a thoughtful approach to ensure that all actions also produce the desired results.

Challenging times for our clients…

Digital Transformation War for talent Increasing energy costs 
How can we keep up? prevents us to find the right resources combined with increased cost of raw materials requires us to work more efficient than ever


… But are they managing the change?

  • How can we deal with change on top off our clients & products?
  • How can we break out of a firefighting mode and start to plan for change?
  • How can we prioritize and put the right focus?
  • How are current capabilities & processes affected by our projects?
  • How do we ensure we have key resources available for our major projects?
  • We lack clarity and consistency in our decision making
  • We have so many initiatives ongoing but none is delivering the expected results

Medium-sized companies today are experiencing great difficulty in attracting the right profiles. While they actually are in need of additional talent or specific expertise due to the digital transformation. The energy crisis and inflation are pushing companies towards greater efficiency gains. But this requires the ability to implement new processes and changes, and that's where things often go wrong.

Our approach

What we can do for you? A view from the outside

  • Project – and Portfolio Management Tooling: Single source of truth, increasing transparancy
    • Strategy & Company Objectives: Clarify vision and define executive sponsorship
    • Program Plan: Structure projects and define priorities within the program plan
    • Projects Management & Outcomes: Plan – manage – act
    • From Project to Business as usual: Handover to business to achieve benefits
      • Integration of the change in the Business: Ensure adoption of the change

Our approach starts with defining your business strategy with associated objectives. Next, these strategic objectives are translated into a concrete program roadmap, supported by a governance with mandated representatives. A project management structure is also needed in which employees are given the necessary responsibilities and sufficient resources to bring the projects to a successful conclusion, so that the business can reap the benefits. Finally, change management must receive attention. The new approach must be carried by the teams involved and sufficiently supported by the owners. This is a key factor in achieving the desired results.

In addition, the entire process can be supported by a Project - and portfolio Management Tool, such as Clarity. This type of cloud based tooling ensures transparency and creates an unambiguous source of information, at any moment in the project cycle.

BDO has extensive experience with such projects in large, multinational organizations. This expertise is also perfectly applicable in medium-sized companies where we always use a tailor-made approach for our customers. We adapt ourselves to the needs of the client, for example, we can take on the role of initiator to guide the process or temporarily strengthen the organization as project or change manager. Within our team we have multidisciplinary profiles to accompany such projects.