Transform your SME with a resilient and future-proof strategy

Strategy Services

Uncertainty about the future requires Belgian SMEs to adapt or review their strategy to maintain or increase their competitive advantage in a changing environment.

However, defining a new strategy, revising the existing one or looking for possible alternatives may be quite a struggle.

With the pressure innovation and digitalisation add to this question and CEO’s often facing this challenge alone, BDO Strategy & Transformation has designed an incremental approach to strategy for SMEs to embark on this journey together.

Our value proposition for strategy in SMEs is based on a set of different approaches ranging from maturity assessment, strategy planning and executing, focused strategic analysis and workshops:

  • Strategy Maturity Assessment focuses on helping you ensure consistency between the approach to strategy and business environment while improving the level of maturity of the strategy process. Objective > improve your approach strategy definition
  • Strategy Journey helps you define your 3-5 years strategic plan and design the roadmap on how to implement the new strategic direction. Objective > design your new/revised strategic plan
  • Strategy Execution helps you find the right way to implement your new defined strategy. Objective > realize your strategic ambitions
  • Focused Strategic Analysis aims to help you solve specific strategic problematics by taking advantage of strategic tools and frameworks (ex. new product launch opportunity, service repositioning). Objective > make the right decision
  • Strategy Workshop aims at launching a new strategy reflection by involving the management team in a one-day off-site event, focusing on strategy and long-term objective discussion: a qualitative team-building moment to reinforce management cohesion. We also call this “One-Day/Day-One”. Objective> give a quick start to your new strategy definition

Our experts in strategy methodologies will be happy to assist you in your path to strategy.

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