• Strategy Journey (strategic planning)

    What is a Strategy Journey?

Strategy Journey


A Strategy Journey is a collaborative approach designed to guide you through your strategy (re)definition process. The method consists of:

  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Collaborative environments
  • Pre-designed and adjustable models and templates

We consider strategy definition as a collaborative process: we will involve your team, upon agreement, to ensure internal knowledge is exploited but to start building the required commitment for the strategy execution phase.


Our approach is structured into 4 main phases:


We develop a comprehensive strategic analysis on the internal/external forces affecting the company strategy by performing three types of assessments: a competitive analysis to gain insight into your competitors, a trends analysis to gain insight into the market and organisational analysis to gain insights on your strengths.


We identify and analyse the strategic issues/opportunities and related alternatives as well as their organisational impacts. The strategic alternatives, as well as alternative business models, are tested with business cases. Strategic initiatives are identified.


After defining and evaluating your potential strategic initiatives with you, we will design a roadmap for the implementation of the new strategy. We also provide the approach for effective follow-up and strategic portfolio management.


Lastly, thanks to our multidisciplinary service lines, we can also support you with the implementation of the relevant initiatives. Regularly evaluating and where necessary adjusting the implemented business model is recommended as the market, your customers, competitors and your organisation are in a constant flow of change.

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