• Strategy Maturity Assessment

    What is a Strategy Maturity Assessment?

Strategy Maturity Assessment


Strategy definition in SMEs is often the job of the CEO who faces this challenge alone, sometimes due to a lack of time or even skills from its collaborators.

Several opportunities to make the strategy definition process more effective exist and your company can concretely benefit from them by increasing its maturity.

What we propose

To help CEOs improve their approach to strategy, we designed a method to assess its maturity: how are you doing strategy today, how might you want to do it tomorrow, and what possible changes would be required.

We start our process with an interview with the CEO. The interview is supported by a structured questionnaire where we will ask questions and investigate your current approach to the strategy definition.

The interview is completed with a self-assessment for the client. This aims at understanding the maturity of the strategy reflection today and the expectations of our client for tomorrow.

At the end of the process, we’ll present, in a closing meeting with the CEO, a report containing the results of the self-assessment with a set of recommendations on how to adjust your approach to strategy.

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