• Strategy Workshop

    What is a Strategy Workshop?

Strategy Workshop


The exceptional circumstances of the past year have forced us to focus on the essentials and the short term: how to reorganise production while respecting health constraints, how to manage teleworking, how to adapt service to customers, how to cover short-term cash flow needs...

One year after the beginning of this ‘storm’, a growing number of clients are asking us to help them reunite their management around a long-term vision. They want to be coached to take a step back from this period, to sort out what will return to normal and what has changed, and to adapt their long-term plans.

At the same time, the management team has sometimes become somewhat distant or disunited as a result of the lack of time as many efforts have been mainly devoted to the crisis and the urgency of dealing with the operational problems it has caused. On top of that, teams have become physically exhausted as a result of teleworking.

What we propose

With this in mind, we have developed a service that combines:

  • A strategic review with the entire management team to refocus or adapt the long-term objectives

  • A qualitative off-site team-building moment to reinforce the cohesion of the management team during a day of ‘greening’

  • A limited cost which takes into account the budget available in the current context