• Enterprise agility: what and why?

Enterprise agility: what and why?

The agile methodology finds its roots in a combination of software engineering and Lean thinking principles that focus on delivering maximum customer value in the shortest sustainable lead-time and with the highest possible quality.

Built around 12 principles of the Agile Manifesto, the agile methodology aims to change the way of working, traditionally based on the ‘waterfall method’. That project management style consists of making a design with a predefined scope where you only move on to the next task if the previous one is completed.

Agile, on the other hand, focuses on delivering value in short iterations of a few weeks and with continuous feedback from customers and stakeholders. This approach has evolved to a methodology that encompasses the entire enterprise, next to cross-functional teams,  including aspects such as:

  • customer centricity
  • agile mindset and leadership
  • lean portfolio management
  • agile product delivery
  • business IT integration

This way the initial team-based approach has been ‘scaled’ to cover the end-to-end organisation. One of the leading methodology frameworks is SAFe, that covers all aspects of the agile way of working.

Enterprise agility: what and why?

The benefits of adopting agile

Agile is a step-by-step approach to truly transform the way your business operates. When properly implemented, agile can enable you to:

  • outpace competition
  • react quickly to changing market conditions
  • adjust the balance of innovation to routine work
  • better fulfil customer requirements and needs
  • increase employee autonomy and motivation

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