• Our tailor-made approach for your agile transformation journey

Our tailor-made approach for your agile transformation journey

We have developed a progressive, tailor-made approach, which is reflected in a roadmap for the agile transformation journey. We explicitly take into account your organisation’s agile maturity level to maximise the likelihood of achieving success.

1. Agile Maturity Assessment

In our proven method for transforming companies into truly agile enterprises we start off with an Agile Maturity Assessment to get insight into your organisation’s maturity on critical enablers.

2. Defining organisational vision and mission

Next, we capture and define your organisational vision and level of ambition to design a tailor-made program, taking into account the agile maturity level and current practices. We choose the  roll-out pace that perfectly fits your organisation. Just getting started with agile?
You can count us for the necessary foundational training to launch your first agile teams.

3. Step-by-step implementation

The agile transformation is realised using iterative sprints and a continuous learning mindset.Not with a big bang, but through a step-by-step progressive approach, allowing us and you to  continuously adjust and simplify for an optimal quality and time-to-market.

4. Agile experts at your service

To accompany the agile transformation journey we have a broad pool of certified agile coaches, scrum masters and product owners as well as senior management consultants and enterprise architects experienced in shaping the agile super structure (Strategy & Innovation management, Agile Governance, Lean Portfolio management, Enterprise Architecture, Agile Center of Excellence,…) and the Agile Target Operating Model (processes, organisation, tools).

Next to them, you can also count on our highly skilled group of Human Capital experts and Change Managers to engage the employees in the agile transformation improving leadership and change readiness, fostering individual and team development and mapping agile competencies.

5. Scaling agile for a future-proof change

Once the foundational capabilities are developed, you can take on the next challenge and scale a larger number of agile teams, creating a truly agile enterprise.

Agile capabilities and expertise will be installed across your teams and throughout your company to ensure that your organisation continues to benefit from agile long after we have left. With agile embedded in your company’s culture, you will remain nimble and responsive to changing market conditions for many years to come.