• Ready for the agile transformation journey?

Ready for the agile transformation journey?

When recognising the advantages of an agile approach, you still have to evaluate whether it will be worth the investment. You can trust on our Agile Maturity Model, designed to determine how closely your organisation currently adheres to agile principles. In comparison to most maturity assessments that focus on software development, we take organisational agility as our starting point.

Based on the assessment survey, a score for Business Value (innovation, strategy, efficiency, risk), Agile Team Effectiveness, Culture & Leadership and Operating Model will be calculated. When you understand these results thoroughly, a more constructive decision can be made tounderstand to what extent agile is valuable for your company, what aspects to work on first or how to improve your current agile practices. This Maturity Assessment can either be performed as a quick scan evaluation resulting in recommendations, or as a thorough companywide assessment resulting in a tailor-made agile transformation roadmap.