• How the public sector can overcome COVID-19

    Assess the impact of the crisis, support your team and regain control

We guide you through the COVID-19 crisis

A number of recent press articles stated that the public sector would not or only slightly be affected by the coronavirus. Yett your public institution is facing several major challenges: your activities are sometimes very strictly regulated, you may not always dispose of the right means to work remotely and the crisis increased the need to apply project management practices in the administration.

If public services do not take action soon, a number of regulatory deadlines will not be met and some administrative tasks may be either postponed or even worse, cancelled. As a result, the treasury will be under tremendous pressure which might even partially paralyse the country. These consequences will be felt long after the crisis is over.

From a crisis to a new dynamic for your administration

We are convinced that, as a result of this crisis, your organisation and your way of working will have to be adjusted to this new reality. We would like to help you in your path to recovering your normal activities.

We take care of this in the same familiar way BDO has always worked: a pragmatic and tailor-made approach with concrete results and sustainable change in mind. 

As a civil servant, you are currently facing many burning questions that require a quick answer in order to deal with the current crisis. That way, you can prepare yourself serenely and efficiently for life as of tomorrow:

What impact will the crisis have on our public finances?
In order to anticipate the direct and indirect consequences of the crisis, we analyse how your income and expenses will evolve and what changes the budget requires in the course of the year.

How can I continue offering public services while everyone is working from home?
We have developed an online teleworking survey for your public servants to fill out anonymously. The goal of this survey is to gain a better insight in the way they have adapted to this new way of working and to offer you the right means to improve the functioning of your administration in this crisis.

Which tools should I acquire to make sure my public servants can work remotely and serve the public?
We recommend you to measure your administration’s digital maturity and to identify the processes and tools that require adjusting in order to resume your activities during this crisis and beyond. 

How can I reinforce my public servants’ competencies remotely and safeguard my team’s dynamic way of working?
We can offer you a wide range of e-learning courses that are immediately available to your public servants. That way, they can grow their competencies from home. Think of project management, internal control and leadership. Request our catalogue today. 

How do I prepare today in order to ensure a quick start-up of my prioritised projects after the recovery period?
We recommend you to review your strategic plan and the prioritised projects to prepare yourself better to restart after the recovery period. It is of paramount importance to optimise your risk management processes as well in order to prepare for a possible second wave.


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