• The ‘New Normal’ for large enterprises

The ‘New Normal’ for large enterprises

The COVID-19 crisis has and will have a tremendous impact on the way we do business. Perhaps you, too, are facing major challenges and are questioning the daily management and the future of your organisation. 

As your trusted partner, we are here to help you. To do so, we have bundled several services to help your organisation in its journey to the ‘New Normal’. 


The services we offer are divided into six clusters: 

1. Keep your business running

First and foremost, prioritise the continuity of your activities and the safety of your employees. On one hand, we help you ensuring your business continuity, while on the other hand, we organise distance learning solutions and webinars to ensure the education of your people. You can also rely on us for customised NWOW (New Way of Working) advice and tips and tricks on teleworking, well-being and resilient leadership.

2. Flexible crisis sourcing

If you are faced with a temporary need for specific skills or expertise, we can help you with our expert capacity, such as Crisis and Change managers, HR Experts, Finance Experts, and Supply Chain and Logistics Experts.

3. Cost Reduction

With income coming under increasing pressure, short-term initiatives may be required to improve your cost structure. There are different ways to do so based on your situation: analysis of your procurement data (Spend analytics), automation of tasks (Robotic Process Automation) or removal of inefficiencies from your operation (LEAN Management).

4. Crisis Dashboard

Do you have difficulties adapting your priorities? Together, we can build a compass to navigate the crisis by identifying temporary objectives to focus on and by building a dashboard to track the progress.

5. Digital experience

One thing is for sure: everything is currently becoming more digitalised. We are all, both as an employee and as a consumer, taking part in a massive digital experiment. This is the ideal moment to capture the experiences and to improve the levels of interaction and connectivity with our clients and employees by, for instance, launching Digital Studio to swiftly translate your ideas into technical applications. 

6. Prepare for the ‘New Normal’

The impact of this crisis will be tremendous, challenging all companies to redefine their way of working and to get ready for the ‘New Normal’. At BDO, we aim to turn the crisis into a transformation opportunity. We offer you the chance to assess your operating model and to define and implement the ‘New Normal’ transformation plan with Agility as a condition to achieve business continuity in the future. 

Just as always, you can count on us as your trusted partner and guide to prepare for the future after the COVID-19 crisis. It may not be an easy ride, but you can confide in us. We offer you pragmatic solutions for specific challenges with sustainable results, just like you are accustomed to from us. That is our commitment to you.