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Trusted Business Advisor

An ever-changing environment

The entrepreneurial climate has been completely changed by trends such as globalisation and digitisation. Continuous revolutions in our world demand increasingly more adaptability and reactivity. It seems that mostly midcaps and growing SME’s have significant difficulty with tackling these challenges, who generally do not have specific competencies considering strategy, organisation, internationalisation, digitisation, financing, etc., and of which the entrepreneurs have increasing difficulty maintaining a global overview of all parameters of their activities. 

My organisation at a turning point

“ Soon I will be turning 58 and I wonder what will happen with the takeover of my company. My children may be interested, but they have opted for different educations and would need guidance when taking over the organisation. And if they would prefer to choose a different career path, who are potential buyers/partners? What is my enterprise worth and how can I maximise that worth? What is the tax and patrimonial impact? I’m having difficulty answering these questions and would like to be assisted on these topics.”
“My SME has grown significantly over the last couple of years and so has my need for working capital. Financially, I am in a tight spot. Over the last three years, my staff has doubled yet I am still in charge of the majority of the decisions. I know that I need to modernise and digitise my organisation, but where do I start? I would like to be assisted by experts who can support me and my growing business.”
A Trusted Business Advisor (TBA) is a confidant who has a deep knowledge of your organisation and sector and will help you to identify these challenges and guide you in a transversal way throughout every step in the development. Whether this concerns drafting a family charter as part of a corporate transaction to the next generation, a takeover, financial or tax optimisation projects or improving the quality of your organisation and its services by implementing a new technology, at BDO, a TBA will advise you and, if necessary, rely upon other experts of his network.

A TBA, a confidant and 360 degree advisor

According to an accreditation, BDO has implemented an internal label with strict quality assessment criteria, a series of technical and transversal competencies and a specific training. This demanding label guarantees the high level of advisors who are put at your disposal and the diversity of their competencies.

 A TBA is ...

  • an experienced professional (Manager or Partner) with a decent transversal knowledge;
  • a professional who understands your organisation and sector and can challenge you;
  • a professional with a 360 view thanks to an open and curious mindset;
  • an excellent communications specialist, who focuses on the quality of a relationship;
  • a person who’s an expert at advising and guiding companies.
More specifically, a TBA will be your development partner, someone who can see ‘the big picture’. He or she will help you think things through strategically, and will not only interchange thoughts with you, but will also actively participate in your most important meetings (such as Board of Directors or Management Board, strategic meetings, etc.). Moreover, a TBA can guide you in your future plans (expansion, digitisation, change management, e-commerce, etc.) and, if necessary, connect you with an experienced expert from his or her internal or external network.