• Financing Advisory & Modeling

    “I sometimes have the wildest ideas. But who works out the viability of my plans and moulds them into a practical model?”

Financing Advisory & Modeling

Translated into business language: how do you convert your company’s financial strategy into a management tool that functions like a financial SatNav? Such a tool focuses your attention on the core of your activities and continuously measures whether your company achieves its strategic objectives. It is a reliable means to record the financial viability of your project, the strategy behind it and the direction in which your company is moving.

We call that business modelling. It is extremely handy to convince credit providers, external investors and subsidising authorities of your strength by using specific figures. At the same time, you keep both feet on the ground. This is the best guarantee to turn your wildest idea into a profitable product or service.

Figures, facts and knowledge

The financial model is one - essential - step in the process from idea to product or service. What’s more, your commercial strategy must be moulded into a business plan by taking into account your current market position and your current products and services. Just consider how you can cluster all the required (financial, legal, tax, etc.) knowledge and experience (in numerous sectors) while your own people continue to focus on the core tasks of your business.

The BDO specialists provide you with assistance tailored to your request and they help to put forward a strong and convincing business plan - and to present it to potential financiers if you so wish. No empty catchphrases, just facts and figures. After all, over and above the usual balance sheet and profit and loss account such a plan includes a cash planning tool, for example. This tool allows you to identify liquidity shortfalls in good time, negotiate alternative types of financing or to even optimise the net corporate capital.

In fact, our team’s knowledge stretches beyond the Belgian border. We collaborate with BDO’s network of local experts in 140 countries across the planet. Such local links reinforce confidence and are sometimes literally and figuratively invaluable to win over the right investors.

What you’re looking for:

A multidisciplinary team of experts whom you can ask and deploy to do the following:

  • develop a new activity;
  • submit a financing application with a credit institution or private investors;
  • account for the value of a particular activity within the scope of special value decreases (‘Impairment testing’);
  • advise and assist you if you regularly collaborate on private-public partnership (ppp) projects;
  • to gain a better understanding of the profitability of your company or activity;
  • etc.