• Mergers & Acquisitions

    “Acquiring a company or selling my business. The beginning of the end is not yet in sight.”

Mergers & Acquisitions

Today, the economic environment is evolving at lightning speed and doing business is becoming increasingly complex. As a company manager you constantly have to respond to new developments - and are faced with having to take more and more far-reaching, strategic decisions to secure the growth and future of your business. Perhaps the time is right to take over another company? Or are you thinking about selling or transferring your business (or part of it) to its management or a third party? Does your bank advise a market flotation… or are you in need of additional capital to finance your growth?

Let’s be honest: complex transactions such as mergers, sales, acquisitions and divestments all involve highly specialised work. Another fact, however, is that we have all the necessary experts in house. They will help you, together with your management team, to mitigate the risks associated with transaction such as these. And to optimise the value of the deal - always in your interest, of course.

Independent and multidisciplinary

As well as objective and rational. A sale or an acquisition is, after all, in many cases associated with strong emotions. Considering that our experts are not involved with a transaction (as an interested party) - although they are, of course, committed to its success - they will be able to take up an unbiased standpoint. Additionally, calling on an independent expert increases the sense of trust among the various players involved, even if this expert has only one clear goal in mind: looking after your best interests.

The consultants at BDO will expertly guide you through all the steps of the process. From the birth of the idea and the initial contacts to the analysis and valuation, and from the negotiations, the letter of intent and due diligence… to the actual closing of the transaction. Pragmatic, cost-efficient and within the set deadlines. Our legal team has built up years of concrete experience and know-how. Additionally, they consult regularly with their colleagues specialised in other disciplines such as taxation, finance, labour law, etc. In short: as a multidisciplinary team, they make a thorough assessment of all the risks and pitfalls associated with your transaction and put each party’s intentions on paper in clear and understandable language, no matter how complex or how technical the subject matter.

What are you looking for?

An experienced, independent team of experts that provides you with objective advice and guidance for:

  • clarifying the actual objectives;
  • detecting and analysing risks and pitfalls;
  • conducting negotiations (frequently technically complex in nature);
  • conducting  due diligence investigations;
  • preparing all the steps of the acquisition or sales process (whether open or closed);
  • drawing up or reviewing  the letter of intent, the purchase or sales agreement, or handling the post-acquisition or merger formalities;