• Transaction Services

    “My accountant says ‘buy’! It is a great opportunity to be sure,
    but where are the catches?”

Transaction Services

You shouldn’t let an opportunity slip through your fingers. That’s absolutely right. However, surely you only want to buy or sell a company at the best conditions and if you know what all the risks are - including the hidden ‘defects’? What’s more, undertaking such a complex transaction is not just a run-of-the-mill task you do every day. Well, for our experts it is. Based on an extremely thorough audit (so-called due diligence), they uncover all the risks inherent to the ‘target’ company and the transaction: quantitative, and therefore worth evaluating.

If you engage other experts during the process (such as your bank, lawyer, real estate agent, environmental experts, etc.), then we integrate their conclusions into a single, concise report: comprehensive, coherent and without contradictory findings.

As a matter of fact, our expert - and your central point of contact - is, in turn, supported by a multi-disciplinary team of specialists. After all, we always take into account all aspects involved in your transaction in our reports: legal, financial, tax and social, and always in line with your business, your strategy and your objectives. Our strength lies in our complementary teamwork, and to your added advantage.

Due diligence in purchase or sale

Due diligence renders negotiations and the transaction transparent. It provides you, the purchaser, with the (acquisition due diligence) understanding and verification of the candidate vendor’s information: two things that are indispensable for making a compliant bid. Conversely, as vendor, it is also particularly worthwhile to have a ‘vendor due diligence’ review performed by an independent expert. By doing so you kill three birds with one stone: you anticipate the candidate purchaser’s questions, you reinforce the credibility of your financial information and you speed up the sales process. In short, a correctly scheduled vendor due diligence review highlights a strong suit or points for attention at the right time. In this way, you, as vendor, can react appropriately to negotiate the best price.

Memorandum of sale

Why not let our experts help you with your memorandum of sale (also referred to as ‘information memorandum’ or ‘bid book’) at the same time? Regard that as your company’s sales brochure. It provides candidate purchasers with a correct and clear image of the history and background of your company, the activities, market, customer and turnover segmentation, organisational structure, workforce, key financial figures, future prognoses, etc.